We understand the limitless possibilities and endless decisions every couple suddenly faces once they start planning a wedding. At Savoir Fête, we see beyond the logistics: we see the dreams, hopes, and aspirations woven into every detail of your celebration.

We're here to alleviate your stress, infuse our creativity, and ensure your vision unfolds effortlessly before your eyes. Trust us to be your guides, your allies and your advocates as we craft an elevated experience that reflects your love and shares it with your loved ones. Your joy is our priority above everything else.


elevated celebrations through PERSONALIZED planning

Savoir (sav-wahr): "to know" 
Fête (rhymes with "met"): "a party or celebration"


WE Know

BESPOKE WEDDING Planning and Design wtih Savoir Fête


A beautiful space built with a meticulous plan is just the beginning.
The essential ingredient? Understanding your why, and crafting your celebration accordingly. Pairing our event expertise (our savoir-faire, if you will) with your priorities and vision (your savoir-fête!), we create innovative and thoughtful events that live on as timeless memories.

We plan events with a holistic approach, always thinking of how each element fits into the broader fabric of the guest experience, and more importantly, how you want to feel for this one-in-a-lifetime weekend. Together we'll create transcendent moments for you to look forward to and look back on.
Behind the scenes, we're working tirelessly to button up every last detail. Each moment is fully thought through and nothing is left to chance: with comprehensive and realistic event timelines, production schedules and contingency plans, you’ll feel secure that your day is in the best hands, no matter what.

Events with Experiential Artistry and Unwavering Attention to Detail

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Kind words from Happy Couples

"It exceeded our expectations and a week later we can’t stop talking about it. We appreciate that you took the time to get to know us and understand our vision, even if we weren’t able to articulate it. That gave us a lot of trust and confidence in your ability to execute all the details. The whole process was really fun and enjoyable for us, which was a testament to you and your work.

"Thank you for planning our dream wedding!"

— Susan & Brett

"Over the last couple days we have not stopped thinking about how perfect and amazing our wedding day was. Please always say it’s the happiest day of their lives, and we understand that now."

"WE are So grateful to you for making our dreams a reality."

— Tori & Joe

"You helped making our dream wedding come alive and we would have been so lost without your expertise and guidance during this process. We are so, so grateful!"

"Where do we even begin?"

— Cassidy & Jordan

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