At the heart of our events are couples who are passionate about what they do, who they are, and what they stand for. They lift each other up in all ways, and know marriage is the logical step for a partnership like theirs. Planning a wedding, however, is just not something they do every day. Thankfully, we do. 
Being engaged can be as exciting as it is overwhelming, and without a trusted expert on board, it's difficult to know exactly what you might be getting into. We're here to cut through the noise and deliver you the reassurance that your time, money and energy are being poured into an event that surpasses every expectation. 

Rooted in the belief that if something is worth doing,
it's worth doing well.

SAVOIR fête is a Full-Service Wedding Planning and design firm

That your love is worth celebrating, your way.

We believe

OUR PHILOSOPHY and design approach

Your wedding should reflect who you are and be designed with the values you share.

We want to tell your story, so you can express yourselves through every piece of your day, and to celebrate how you want to celebrate. 

that your love is worth celebrating, your way.

We believe


Rachel never imagined she would become a wedding planner. Forever enthralled by music and drama, she graduated from Northwestern with a degree in Musical Theatre and History. As a Chicago bride herself, she realized everything she loved about producing a musical was woven into the essence of wedding planning. Once that lightbulb went off, she dove into a planning career headfirst and has brought that sense of theatricality, finesse, and creativity to dozens of events in Chicago and beyond. Outside of events, she is a voracious reader, competitive reality television enthusiast, and dog mom to the objectively cutest Boston Terrier in the world. 

Founder, Creative Director,
Dreamer & Schemer 

Meet Rachel

The Savoir Faire of Savoir Fête

Captivated by: Video Game World Design

Can't stop thinking about:
Poor Things

returning to:
Musée des Arts Decoratifs

Pausing for:

What we can't 
get out of our head


You're drawn to richly-textured environments that layer in atmosphere through intimate details: a lively hotel cocktail bar, a film screening at a historic movie theater, or a corner of your home artfully filled with mementos of family and travel. You're well-versed in the art of savoring and believe in beauty for beauty's sake.
You seek genuine connection, delighting in unexpected moments that spark conversation and laughter. You're visionary hosts who express love by providing well for others, but choose each other above all else. You dream of the extraordinary, and are never afraid of being authentically yourselves.

You revel in luxurious settings, novel experiences, and most likely, a fine glass of wine. 

in three words: thoughtful. Authentic. ambitious.

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