Savoir Fête is a wedding planning firm based in Chicago, serving clients locally, across the Midwest, and anywhere your celebration takes us. We exclusively provide full-service planning and design for couples at any stage in their planning journey.

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Full-Service Wedding Planning & Design

There are a million ways to host a wedding, but only one you're planning together. Before we go one step on this journey, we sit down and examine what this celebration will look like by diving into why you are hosting it in the first place. Whether that's to honor longstanding tradition, to commemorate a new phase of your lives together, or to create more quality time for your friends and family, only by exploring this intention first can we build an event that is indisputably yours. Our planning process is comprehensively built on our values of curiosity, transparency, inclusivity, presence and collaboration, resulting in seamlessly unique events. 

Your Why

Our signature approach to planning begins by discerning

Savoir Fête prides itself on a wide experience with serving LGBT+ clients and couples integrating multiple cultures into their events. We ensure that the entire planning process is a positive and affirming experience for couples and their loved ones, and actively advocate for industry partners to make improvements to their processes and language choices. We ask all of our clients to share in this commitment when designing their guest experience.

Savoir Fête creates environments that are intentionally welcoming and affirming to all people. 

our PLEDge


—Kelly, Mother of the Bride

 You make it look so easy, but I know how much time and energy you put into every detail. Your expertise was noticed by all!"

"Thank you so much for all your hard work. From the first moment I met you, I knew everything would run smoothly.

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If everyone feels it's a great fit, once your contract and retainer are taken care of, we're all yours! Services commence immediately and communication is unlimited through your entire process. 

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You'll receive a customized proposal outlining our services and planning fees, which also dives deeper into our process and values to help you decide if we're the best planner for you. 



We'll hop on a video call to get to know each other a bit more. On the call, we'll chat about what you envision for your event, the financial expectations, and our prospective approach to planning.



Fill out our contact form or send us an email with your information, and we'll get back to you within one business day. 


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A closer look into

We take a deep dive into your purpose and expectations for this event: this stage of the process is absolutely key to ensuring a smooth journey ahead. At the same time, we'll be discussing potential spending plans and venue options to make sure you are wholly confident in the bigger picture before you commit to a single plan. 

You'll also begin working with our planning portal, an online hub for your event that keeps everyone on the same page from day one. With unlimited communication and regular check-ins, you'll never worry about what's due or what's coming up.

Your first decisions can set the stage for everything else to come. We bring the power of foresight to this key moment in planning.


step one

We're doing our jobs well when we bring out the best work in others. One of our favorite aspects of our work is getting to know a broad array of artists, designers and craftspeople that are true masters in their fields. We're thrilled when we've found the best fit for you and you're as excited about your team as we are. 

To assure that we are acting in our clients' best interest, we do not accept referral fees, commissions or kickbacks in exchange for vendor recommendations. 

We put don't just book you a vendor team, we facilitate superior work from the professionals suited to your event. 


Step Two

Once the stage is set and we know the major players, we layer in a design plan for the weekend. We walk into every room with fresh eyes and draw from inspiration beyond the wedding industry. We create a totally original experience that reflects the taste of each couple, scaling up to the grandest spectacles and down to the most intimate details. 

Beyond delighting your guests with beautiful spaces, we believe design should consider what each person will touch, taste, smell and feel at every turn, to bring to life a truly transformative atmosphere. 

We creatively direct every touchpoint of your event, fusing our style with your aesthetic to create a wholly unique design plan for the weekend. 


Step Three

Bringing an event from imagination to reality is one of the true joys of wedding planning. In the final few months, we become the executive producers for your event and ensure that the entire team has what they need to be successful: including you and your loved ones, as we increase the frequency of our communication and support during this more hectic time. 

On your wedding weekend, your experience is our number one priority: we're onsite from rehearsal through final sendoff to bring plans to action, adjust where necessary, and make sure you feel utterly supported and empowered to savor every irreplaceable moment together. 

Timelines, spreadsheets, checklists, layouts,
sewing kits, clear umbrellas, backup bow ties: you name it, we have it covered.


Step Four

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— Tori & Joe

"We are so grateful to you for making our dreams a reality. People always say their wedding is the happiest day of their lives, and we understand that now."

— Susan & Brett

"Thank you for planning our dream wedding! The whole process was really fun and enjoyable for us, which was a testament to you and your work."

— Cassidy & Jordan 

"Where do we even begin? You helped making our dream wedding come alive and we would have been so lost without your expertise and guidance during this process. We are so, so grateful!"